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NASA Comes Out with an Estimated Budget for its Moon Landing Mission

NASA had positively announced its plans to continue the ambitious mission of sending astronauts to the moon last week. The expenses of the months-long stay at the moon are now being estimated. Around $20 billion to $30 billion is being estimated as the cost of sustaining the mission on the moon for a length of five years, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine told the CNN Business on Thursday. This is the first statement made by NASA that reveals any information about the total expenses of the mission which is still considered lower than what was previously expected.

Bridenstine said, “We will, of course, take that over to the Hill and make sure that our members of Congress are interested and willing to support that effort.” The figures provided by the agency can still not be called as final as missions like these are subjected to unforeseen dangers and anomalies.

The raised sum means that on an average, an additional $4 billion to $6 billion per year for the mission as it already had a budget of $20 billion for a year. The manned mission named Artemis is going to send astronauts on the surface of the moon after more than 5 decades. The ambitious mission is also set to launch a female astronaut to walk on the moon for the first time ever.

The people working with the mission are aiming at giving a platform for the astronauts to keep visiting the Moon’s surface every now and then. The mission is also aimed at providing a certain amount of exposure on living and working on a different body than the Earth to the astronauts. This shall further help them to prepare themselves before actually going ahead with the mission to land on Mars.

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