Five productivity tips for your TCL 10 5G

If you’ve just got your hands on the TCL 10 5G, you’ve got a lot of potential in your hands. Even though this phone costs just $ 399, it packs some powerful internals and can support a wide range of 5G signals for an impressive network. If you want to take full advantage of all that this phone can do for productivity, we’ve got some tips to help you get the most out of the TCL 10 5G.

Master your 5G signal

Here in the US, the TCL 10 5G does not support just any older 5G. While the device can connect to 5G Sub6 networks for a more stable connection and a stronger signal in most locations, it is also able to lock onto Verizon’s super-fast mmWave (Ultra-Wideband) connection.

You won’t find this mmWave signal anywhere, but when you do, you may see your mobile data speeds go over 1 Gbps. So it’s worth noting the places where you can get this super fast connection (just look for the 5G UW symbol in your status bar). Then when you need to upload or download large files or groups of files (maybe backing up all the 4K videos you captured on the phone), you can save time with the transfer by doing it while you are in. an area with mmWave coverage.

5G Hotspot is your friend

The new 5G connection of your TCL 10 5G shouldn’t be just for your phone either. The bandwidth you can get from 5G is more than what you’ll likely need for regular phone applications, but you can get more productive by sharing that connection with more devices. Enabling your phone’s wireless hotspot will allow you to turn your laptop into an even better portable workstation. Just make sure you don’t burn your hotspot data allowance if you have one, as 5G will allow you to use that data faster.

Take advantage of this microSD slot

The TCL 10 5G comes with a healthy dose of 128GB storage, but you can ensure you get the most out of it by using the phone’s available microSD card slot. The on-board storage will provide faster performance making it better suited for your applications and bandwidth-intensive activities like recording 4K videos. For things like files, downloaded videos, and photos, you can opt for microSD storage. This will allow you to save space on the built-in player for applications that really depend on its speed.

Reading mode is your friend

The TCL 10 5G has a large, bright screen with cool features for watching content thanks to TCL’s know-how in TV technology, but it also covers players. The phone supports a special reading mode. If you read long articles or delve into eBooks on the phone, Reading Mode will set the display to display monochromatically for a more book-like experience. You can also configure the phone to automatically activate reading mode for some apps to save you the effort.

Know when to score on a bigger screen

The TCL 10 5G may have a substantial screen, but if you need a larger image to bring out additional detail or share what you’re watching with others, you may need an even larger screen. tall. Fortunately, this phone is ready for it with its screencast feature. You can mirror your phone’s display to a TV or projector that supports Wi-Fi display. So if you need to give a presentation or collaborate on something, your TCL 10 5G can handle it without that you have to worry about cables and computers.

With all of these tips in mind, you’re ready to get the most out of your new 5G smartphone, whether you’re in the office, on the go, or at home.


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