Here's why your next gaming PC should come pre-built

When it comes to PC gaming, there are really only two camps you can belong to. The former are the enthusiasts who want to choose every component that goes into their PC and spend hours scrutinizing every detail. The second are gamers who are just as passionate about the game, but don’t necessarily want to go through the process of customizing everything about their PCs. For these gamers, a pre-built PC is more than enough, provided it has the right components to run their games without a hitch.

Newegg’s ABS line is perfect for gamers who want a premium gaming experience from a PC designed with the best specs in mind. All Newegg ABS PCs are assembled to the highest standards and allow you to select a PC according to your needs and simply check it out. A little later, you’ll have a brand new gaming PC delivered to your door, ready to go.


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