साउथ की इस मशहूर एक्ट्रेस के खाने में दो बार निकला कॉकरोच, फोटो शेयर कर Swiggy को सुनाई खरी खोटी

South’s well-known actress Nivetha Pethuraj has shared a very shocking incident that happened with her on Instagram. Niveta shared a photo on her Instagram story, which is of her food. Through this photo, Niveta showed that cockroaches have come out in her food. He ordered this food from a restaurant through the food delivery app Swiggy. Niveta told through her post that she has complained about this to Swiggy. Not only this, that restaurant has also been temporarily closed after Niveta’s complaint.

Sharing a post, Niveta wrote – I do not know what standard Swiggy India and restaurants are maintaining these days. I found cockroaches in my food twice recently. It is very important to inspect these restaurants regularly and impose heavy fines on them for not conforming to the standards.

This incident did not happen for the first time

In her Insta story, Niveta also shared some messages, in which many people admitted to feeling like an actress. Along with this, some people told that similar things were found in eating with them from the restaurant from where Niveta had ordered the food. Sharing these messages, Niveta writes – Seeing these messages, it is known that this is not the first time that the restaurant has sent cockroaches in its food. How can a restaurant be so careless? Swiggy India request you to remove this restaurant from your app.

immediate action

As soon as this post of Niveta went viral on social media, Swiggy immediately took cognizance of the matter. Swiggy assured the actress that action will be taken on her complaint soon. Swiggy wrote to Niveta – Thank you Niveta for keeping your faith in us. Appreciate your patience in this regard. Please be assured that this incident has been taken up with the concerned restaurant.

Shortly after this tweet by Swiggy, action was taken on that restaurant. Niveta gave this information through one of his posts. Niveta wrote – Oh my God, 10 kg of spoiled meat has been found from the restaurant. The restaurant has been temporarily closed.

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