Cheater in Kolkata administered antibiotic injections instead of Kovid vaccine, Trinamool MP unwell

Kolkata. Debanjan Deb, the alleged vaccine fraudster, who has organized at least three vaccination camps in Kolkata, has given people injections of the antibiotic amikacin instead of the Kovid vaccine, without checking whether they are allergic to a particular antibiotic. It could have been fatal for those who took the injection. After this, now Deb can be charged with attempt to murder. The Kolkata Police today appealed in the court to add section 307 to the list of charges.
It is believed that Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee herself had directed the Kolkata Police Commissioner to link the case of attempt to murder. He has also reportedly told her that no one involved in the fraud should be spared.
Meanwhile, actress-turned-politician Mimi Chakraborty, who first revealed about the fraud vaccination camp, today canceled a virtual press conference as she was feeling unwell. His office quoted doctors as saying that in the initial investigation it has been found that the MP may have a problem of gall bladder. He said that Chakraborty was not getting any reaction on the fake vaccine given on Tuesday. His doctor has said that it is too early to say that his health has deteriorated due to the fake vaccine.

The BJP has accused the Trinamool Congress of being involved in the vaccine scam. BJP state president Dilip Ghosh said, “Trinamool has now started a vaccine syndicate. Who knows where else such fraud is taking place. Similar frauds can happen in other parts of the state as well.” Dilip Ghosh’s remarks came after his party demanded a CBI probe into the fraud. Party leader Sayantan Bose said, “This fraud could not have happened without the participation of Trinamool leaders.” He also threatened to take out a protest march with a huge crowd of one lakh till the police headquarters in Lalbazar.

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