Robbery in broad daylight from a bullion trader in Karnal

Karnal . Jewelery worth Rs 15 lakh was looted in broad daylight in Karnal, Haryana. This incident took place in Kata Bagh village of Karnal. Here 4 robbers have looted jewelry from father and son at pistol point. It is said that there is a jewelery shop in the bullion market of the looted people. These people also do the work of selling jewelery by hawking the villages. On the complaint of father-son, the police has registered a case and is investigating.

In the police station, Ramnath Singh and his son told that they used to ferry on their bikes to Kata Bagh every Saturday. He had gold and silver goods worth about Rs 15 lakh in the bag. Then 4 robbers came on the bike. One put his bike in front of Ramnath Singh’s bike and the other hit his head with a dagger. These robbers asked the traders for their bags. The scared father and son gave their bags full of gold and silver ornaments to the robbers. There were no numbers on the bikes of these robbers. After snatching the bag, the robbers fled on the bike. The robbed father-sons also followed their bike but they did not get caught. Ramnath Singh told that for almost 35 years, they have been selling jewelery from village to village. The police has registered an FIR (First Information Report) in this case of robbery. Police has also questioned some people of the village. CCTV footage is being scrutinized from the shops near the village. The police suspect that they were being chased for the past several days so that information can be found about their every location. The victims have told the police that the robbers have fled towards Karnal after carrying out the incident.

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