Interstate prize crook caught by special staff of Delhi Police

New Delhi. The Special Staff of South District of Delhi Police has arrested one such interstate thief, on which a reward of 20,000 was also announced. There are more than 20 criminal cases registered against him in house theft, burglary, Arms Act and dacoity etc.

South District Police Deputy Commissioner Atul Kumar Thakur said that the team of special staff of the district got secret information about the movement of Inam Sheikh Rahim (30) near Madhuban Chowk. On this, under the leadership of ACP Operation Bijendra Singh, raided near Madhuban Chowk to nab the wanted criminal and caught Sheikh Rahim.

Seeing the police party, the accused tried to run away by taking advantage of the traffic, but he failed. During police interrogation, the accused told that he is a professional thief and has been evading arrest in the Crime Branch, Arms Act case. On May 12, the accused was declared PO by the court. He is, basically, a burglar and breaks locks in the house with stealth tools. He especially steals cash, jewelry and other expensive items.

The police said that he used to run the gang and is active in the whole of Delhi as well as in the NCR region. He has been declared a PO in the Crime Branch case. He is accused of supplying illegal arms to his brother Abbas Sheikh, who was arrested by the crime branch. He has previously been involved in more than 20 criminal cases of house theft, burglary, Arms Act and dacoity.

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