Action taken against bookies

Bilaspur. Additional Superintendent of Police Umesh Kashyap and Municipal Superintendent of Police Snehil on giving necessary instructions to conduct a special campaign by Superintendent of Police Prashant Agrawal to completely curb the crime of gambling, betting taking place in the district. All the police station in-charges and outpost in-charges were instructed to take prompt action against bookies and gamblers.

In the same line, dated 29.06. On 2021, the police station Civil Line received information from the informer that some people were cutting betting strips in Ameri Chowk near Rajiv Gandhi Chowk near Mangala Chowk bus stand that immediately on the information, Inspector Surendra Swarnakar, in-charge of the police station, was in his way. R. Uma Shankar Rathore P.R. Nirmal Singh reached the place of occurrence by forming separate teams of P. R. Jagdish Rathore and taking witness, where the bookies were writing the satta belt, who were caught after taking raid action. The arrested bookies were arrested. A total of Rs 4700 in cash and speculative strips worth lakhs have been confiscated from the possession of the accused. Action was taken under the Gambling Act 4 of the act done by the accused.


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