Both units of Kota Thermal will not be closed - Dhariwal

Jaipur. Autonomous Governance Minister Shanti Dhariwal has said that Unit-1 and Unit-2 of thermal units in Kota will not be closed. The Minister of Autonomous Government informed that talks were held with Energy Minister Dr. BD Kalla and Principal Secretary, Energy Dinesh Kumar regarding both the units of Kota Thermal. After talks, it was agreed that these units will not be closed till 31 December 2022.

He said that till December 31, 2022, environment clearance has been received from the Union Environment Ministry. He said that till December 31, 2022, all the units from Unit-1 to Unit-7 would be operational. He told that before this period, the Rajasthan government will have to take approval from the Union Environment Ministry that it wants to continue unit-1 and unit-2.

He told that if the approval is given, then unit-1 and unit-2 will continue to run after December 31, 2022, but if the approval is not given, the Rajasthan government will set up a solar plant in its place. It has been decided in the discussion of Monday. He said that by accelerating the basic development of Kota, the continuity of the major institutions would be maintained here. He said that in the coming time, work is in progress keeping in view the immense potential of tourism development in Kota. On their completion, along with increasing employment opportunities in Kota, a world-class identity will also be created.

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