Complaint was received of constable Bablu Banjare's involvement in illegal activities

Bilaspur. The police captain of the district, Prashant Agarwal, has now started taking swift action, in this he has opened a front not only against drugs but also against speculative gambling and illegal businessmen, in the same sequence, where the SP has opened the district on one side. I have started a campaign against those doing illegal business, so after receiving the complaint of the constable who was negligent, there is no delay in taking action.

Let us tell you that a complaint of involvement in illegal activities of constable 1187 Bablu Banjare was received. The Superintendent of Police, City, Bilaspur was ordered to investigate the role of constable in illegal activities, the matter was found correct in the investigation, after which the constable 1187 Bablu Banjare, police station Hirri was suspended and the center protected. , Bilaspur has been affiliated. During the suspension period, salary and allowances will be payable to them as per the rules of suspension. The SP said that action will be taken on receipt of the complaint and no one will be spared.

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