Honeytrap hunters themselves became victims, four people including the girl arrested

Junagadh. An incident of honeytrap has come to light in the city, in which with the help of a young woman, three men have tried to extort three lakh from a person. But before the hunter took the money from the person, the police hunted him down and pushed four people, including a young woman, behind the bars.

According to the information, a young woman named Sabina alias Sabu had gone to the gatekeeper’s room near Dhoraji Railway Gate in Junagadh on June 25. The gatekeeper was present in the room, in front of which Sabina became completely naked. Later, all the clothes of the gatekeeper were also removed. After Sabina and the gatekeeper were stripped naked, a man named Salman, Bashir and Aryan reached there and made an obscene video of both of them. After which demanded 5 lakh rupees from the gatekeeper. However, later the deal was settled for three lakh rupees. The gatekeeper complained about the matter to the police. On the basis of which the police laid a trap to nab the accused.

As soon as the accused Salman, Bashir and Aryan came to collect the money, the police caught the three. Later Sabina alias Sabu was also arrested. Investigation revealed that the gatekeeper and Aryan were friends. The gatekeeper had told Aryan to tell if there is a girl. Keeping this point of the gatekeeper in mind, Aryan along with his friends Salman and Bashir planned to extort money from him. In which Sabina was also included.

Investigation revealed that Aryan was a student of class 12 and he did not have money to pay the fees. While Salman’s wife is pregnant and there is no money for medicine. Sabana was involved in this conspiracy due to losing money in gambling. Seeing Crime Patrol and Savdhaan India, Aryan had planned to extort money from his friend Gatekeeper. 5 lakh rupees were demanded from the gatekeeper by threatening to make the obscene videos of the gatekeeper and Sabina viral. However, later the deal was settled for three lakhs. But the gatekeeper, after complaining to the police, ruined the plan of the four. Police has arrested the four accused and started further action.

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