City development work stalled due to internal factionalism in the ruling party and the nurturing of goondaraj - BJYM

Bilaspur. Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha Bilaspur District President Nikhil Kesharwani, District Vice President Roshan Singh and Treasurer Inshu Gupta and BJYMO President Maharishi Bajpayee, Monu Rajak, Ashish Tiwari, Nitin Chhabda, Mukesh Rao, Vaibhav Gupta issued a joint statement of various divisions of the city. I have said that the Congress government has been formed for two and a half years, due to the internal factionalism of the Congress, development works in the city are stalled. Mafia rule is flourishing, chaos prevails all around.

The people elected the MLA on the expectations of development, but the showy and gimmicky style of MLA Shailesh Pandey is encouraging unwanted elements in the city. In two and a half years, there is no such work or any such achievement by the MLA which the MLA of the city can tell that I have done this work for the public. Like Abdullah Deewana in Begani Shaadi, MLA Shailesh Pandey is seen everywhere baking his bread and posing for photos. It is the basic nature of the city MLA to create a ruckus to stay in the limelight by keeping laws and rules in his pocket and his style of working is to take public sympathy by creating various types of gimmicks. This is the reason, in Bilaspur, the people of the original Congress have also kept away from their own MLA, as a result of which the people have been plagued by the head footwork. Due to the personal ambition of the MLA, the block level functionary had to step down from the post after debate and uproar in the last months. Similarly, in connection with the dispute between a traffic constable and another block official last week, MLA Shailesh Pandey is putting law and order in the dock with the habit of creating a ruckus by creating a ruckus.

In the recent case of Railway Block Congress office-bearer, the MLAs remained silent for weeks, but when the police took action after due legal proceedings, they became active in creating a ruckus in the police station to make headlines and two-year-old cases. They are raising a question mark on the police and law and order by referring to the crime on which the crime is registered, their action is like the coming drama of the police after everything is done in Hindi films because if they start If you had paid attention to the matter from the beginning, then such a situation would not have come. His aim is to make headlines and stay in the limelight by creating a ruckus.

After independence, the people of Bilaspur saw the tenure of the first MLA Shiv Dulare Mishra as MLA, Ramacharan Rai, Sridhar Mishra, BR Yadav to Moolchand Khandelwal and Amar Agarwal, but none of the public representatives The working did not go against the public dignity and legislative traditions, while the present MLA, taking sympathy from his drama, gimmicks and pretending to work in the public interest, instead of working in the interests of the public, he is absorbed only in straightening his boob. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . which District President Nikhil Kesharwani says that in two and a half years the drama of MLA Shailesh Pandey has been well known to the public, in the remaining two and a half years, the public is counting the days, so that such representatives should be taught a lesson.

District Vice President Roshan Singh and Treasurer Inshu Gupta said that the MLA’s written to the SP Sahib turned out to be false. The statement of the SP sahib has come in the news, the letter of the MLA has not been received. The government of the state should also pay attention to the exploits of such people’s representatives who are doing the work of discounting their credibility every day. The people of the city are disillusioned with the gimmicky and riotous style of the MLA. Because of such representatives, the public has become disillusioned with the Congress government in just two and a half years.

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