Starting the Safai Mitra Suraksha Challenge, making the ward residents aware of cleaning the septic tank and sewer

Bilaspur. On the instructions of Corporation Commissioner Ajay Tripathi, Safai Mitras of the corporation are making people aware by going to the wards of the city regarding proper cleaning of septic tanks and sewers. The “Safai Mitra Suraksha Challenge” program is being run by the Union Ministry of Urban and Housing, under which this campaign is being run by the Bilaspur Municipal Corporation.

In order to prevent hazardous cleaning of sewers and septic tanks and to promote their machine cleaning, “Safai Mitra Suraksha Challenge” has been launched by the Union Ministry of Urban and Housing, in which 243 urban bodies across the country have been involved. The program seeks to ensure that no person is required to enter a sewer or a septic tank unless absolutely necessary in the interest of greater public sanitation and if the septic If human cleaning is very necessary in the tank or sewer, then the concerned sweeper should come down in the tank with full safety equipment so that the life of the worker is not put in danger.

Under this challenge, public awareness is being spread among the people by going to the wards of the city on the instructions of Commissioner Ajay Tripathi by the Municipal Corporation of Bilaspur. In which people are being told by the team that cleaning of the tank is necessary every three years and cleaning of the tank should be done by machine only. An appeal was also made to get the tank cleaned with a machine, for this toll free number 14420 can be contacted.

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