Love Story : अगर गीता बाली न देतीं हिम्मत तो बॉलीवुड छोड़ देते शम्मी कपूर, पढ़िए- दिलचस्प लव स्टोरी

You must have seen many times in Bollywood movies that the hero falls in love with the heroine. He is ready to cross every limit to marry her. Even if his love leaves her, he never takes it out of his heart. Something similar happened with hero Shammi Kapoor. Shammi Kapoor also loved Geeta Bali in the same way. Let us tell you that the love story of Shammi Kapoor and Geeta Bali from the Kapoor family is quite popular. Both of them had decided to get married only after working for 4 months in a film and the name of the film was ‘Rangeen Raatein’ in which Geeta had a cameo. Shammi Kapoor fell in love with Geeta Bali in this film.

Shammi Kapoor told Rauf Ahmed in his book Shammi Kapoor: The Game Changer how he got married to Geeta. Shammi told that both of them got married in a temple in which no family member was involved. He told that there were some questions which came in his mind at that time. Geeta was one year older than me, she has worked with my father Prithviraj Kapoor in the film Aamand Math. She was opposite him in my brother Raj Pur’s film ‘Baavre Nain’. I had absolutely no idea how my family would react to our wedding. But I didn’t have to think much because I wanted Geeta with me at all costs. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Geeta. But the problem here was the Gita itself. Geeta would tell me Shammi, I love you. I can’t live without you, but I can’t marry you. How can I leave my family? They all depend on me. They have no one else.

did not give up

But Shammi did not give up and then after 4 months proposed Geeta for marriage again. Shammi had told about this, ‘On 23 August 1955, we were in a hotel in Juhu. I was staying there because there was no one in the house. My parents went to Bhopal to work for Prithvi Theatres. I proposed to Geeta again, I thought she would laugh again by shaking her head, but it did not happen. Instead she said that let’s get Shammi married. Shammi could not believe it at that time and asked again whether she would really marry him, to which Geeta had said, yes, I will marry you now or else it will never happen again.

full of lipstick

After this, Shammi and Geeta went to the actor’s friend Johnny Walker. He told that both now want to get married. Johnny then gave the idea to both of them to get married in the temple. Shammi had told about this, ‘My friend Hari Walia reached the famous Banganga temple with us. At that time Geeta was wearing salwar-kameez and I was wearing kurta-pyjama. The priest performed all the rituals in front of Hari Walia who was the only witness of our marriage. We took off together. Geeta again took out the lipstick from her bag and told me to fill my demand with it like we fill it with vermilion and that’s how we got married.

‘Tumsa Nahi Dekha’ would not have been a hit, would have left the film industry

Shammi Kapoor was very upset due to not running his career. One of the reasons for his trouble was that Geeta Bali was a bigger artist than him at that time. One day, feeling sad, Shammi told Geeta that if his film ‘Tumsa Nahi Dekha’ did not work, he would leave the industry. At that time Geeta took care of him and said that one day you will become a very big star. But this time luck was with Shammi. His film proved to be a superhit and then many of his films one after the other performed brilliantly on the screen.

Geeta left

Geeta and Shammi Kapoor married in the year 1955 and in the year 1956, both became parents of Aditya Raj Kapoor. Then Geeta gave birth to daughter Kanchan in the year 1961. Both were enjoying their life when Geeta fell ill during one of her films in the year 1965. The actress was admitted to the hospital where it was found that she had small pox. After undergoing treatment for a few days, Geeta again left this world leaving Shammi and the children.

Shammi Kapoor broke up after Geeta left. His condition had also become very bad. Shammi Kapoor’s condition was not seen from the family and for the sake of the actor and his children, he decided for Shammi’s second marriage.

Neela’s second marriage

After this, Shammi Kapoor’s sister-in-law Krishna Kapoor thought that Neela Devi, sister of actor’s friend Raghuveer Singh, would be perfect for Shammi. After much persuasion to Shammi, he agreed to marry Neela. At the same time, Neena had said in an interview after marriage, ‘Shammi is a caring and supportive husband, but I knew that he has a special place in his heart for Geeta where I could not be involved.’

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