New Parliament building should be entered with new constitution: Giri

New Delhi. The Sangh Parivar has become active on the issue of Hindutva regarding the UP Assembly elections. Mahamandaleshwar Yatindra Nath Giri of Juna Akhara has started working on the strategy of Sangh and VHP. He has demanded to implement the concept of Hindu Rashtra with a new Parliament by making a new constitution. Giri wrote a new constitution for the Indian Medical Association and the Indian Medical Association to close the madrasas running in the country, to stop the reservation, to control the population, to stop the conversion, to make Ayurveda the medical system of India and to establish a relationship of bread and daughter with the Indian Muslims. requested to make. In view of the 2022 and 2024 elections, all this exercise is already being laid for the assembly elections to be held in Uttar Pradesh in 2022. Various initiatives are being taken to woo the Hindu voters of the state. In this episode, Mahamandaleshwar Yatindra Nath Giri of Juna Akhara has said that the new Parliament of the country should be entered with a new constitution. Apart from enacting a law to ban population, it has demanded the abolition of madrassas and Indian Medical Association (IMA) by declaring conversion a crime.

Actually, there is a strong atmosphere against the ruling BJP in UP. The government has completely failed in Corona management. People are suffering from inflation and rising crime. Factionalism is at its peak in BJP. In such a situation, the Sangh and Vishwa Hindu Parishad have activated the saints and saints in the election battle to get the BJP out of the crisis.

After Ram temple, now Hindu nation
The credibility of the BJP, which came to power in UP in 2017 after awakening to the construction of Ram temple, is deteriorating day by day due to inflation, unemployment, rising prices of petrol. The scam of buying land from the donations of Ram temple has also brought down the party’s credibility and popularity. In such a situation, sages and saints are now standing in the fray to make way for electoral victory by airing the issue of Hindu Rashtra.
concept of a new constitution

Mahamandaleshwar has said that a new constitution should be made with a new parliament. It should be based on Sanatan Hindu culture, in which there is talk of one nation one citizenship. There should be no distinction between religion, caste and fundamental rights, because the current constitution makes a distinction on these grounds. Equality is talked about but it is not so. Reservation should be reconsidered in the new constitution. He said that madrasas should be completely abolished. Bahawi are funding madrassas and maulanas for terrorism and conversion. Yogi should bring the population control law, the Prime Minister had assured the saints of making a law to stop the population. But till now it has not been made. Whoever produces more than two children, a law of harsh punishment should be made immediately. Like the Assam government, the Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh should also bring such a bill soon. He said that the Indian Medical Association is a Christian organization, it should be ended. Ayurveda completely cures the disease whereas Allopathy suppresses the disease but does not cure it. In Corona, big medical institutions have given Ayurvedic decoction. Regarding the crisis of Corona vaccine, he said that it is time of epidemic. In such a situation, the central and state governments should work together. Differences are not right in the era of epidemic.

98 percent of the country is Muslim, Hindu
Mahamandaleshwar said that 98 percent of the country’s Muslims are Hindus. He joined the Muslim religion in the past for some reason. Now if he wants to return home, Hindus should grow up. For that, the relation of roti and daughter will have to be made. If his daughter comes to our house, welcome her. It should be understood that he too is a Hindu.

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