The third wave will not come if the covid behavior is followed: Dr. Guleria

New Delhi. With the second wave of the Corona epidemic in the country, experts are concerned about the knock of the Delta Plus variant. Dr. Randeep Guleria, Director, AIIMS, New Delhi said that there is not enough data on the Delta Plus variant to know how deadly and contagious it is. Dr. Guleria said that if people follow the rules according to Corona and get vaccinated, then they can be safe even from the newly found variant. If everyone follows all the precautions, the third wave will not come or it can be stopped. Regarding the Delta Plus variant, he said that this form of the virus can deceive the immune system, this too will be known only after sufficient data is available.

Dr. Guleria also remembered the doctors and medical personnel who fought a direct battle with Corona, who gave their lives to save the lives of others. He said that doctors have been fighting the epidemic for the last one year. We have to appreciate their work. We also have to remember that they have given their lives to save our lives. We will also have to try from our level so that the cases of infection do not increase and everyone remains safe during the epidemic.

Dr. Guleria said that cases of violence against doctors who treat people risking their lives during the epidemic are continuously coming to the fore. Such incidents lower the morale of doctors. It has a direct effect on the patient. Everyone should oppose violence against doctors, such accidents are the biggest threat to the medical place. Dr. Guleria said that the churning is going on regarding the mixed dose of Corona vaccine. He said that it will take time to use two different vaccine doses as more data is needed on this. Preliminary results have shown that it is effective but side effects have been seen more, he said, where there are more cases of infection, strictness is necessary.

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