Vicious crook arrested with knife

Bilaspur. In order to curb the incidents of knives in the city, it was directed by Superintendent of Police Prashant Aggarwal, in compliance of which ATI. Police Superintendent City Umesh Kashyap and City Police Superintendent S. La. Snehil Sahu constituted a team under the leadership of police station in-charge, Civil Line Surendra Swarnakar, the process of arresting the accused was started that on 30/06/2021, information was received through informer that Dabri Para was behind Nilkand Hotel. A person is walking with a buttoned knife, who can commit a serious crime, that on the above information of the informer, Hamrah Stop Souniri, Om Prakash Parihar constable 1236 Vikas Yadav, 1148 Sarfaraz Khan, left for Davipara at the scene of the incident with a witness. The person was walking around holding the knife by the button, threatening the oncoming person, who was caught by siege.

On asking the name of the accused, his name was Ankur Pandey’s father Manish Pandey’s age 19 years old. Rajendra Nagar Police Station Civil Line Bilaspur (Bilaspur) which, on the presentation of the accused, a steel knife, buttoned, the length of the knife is 27 cm. The length of the fruit of the knife is 13 cm. And the width of the fruit is three and a half cm. The knife has a round ring attached to it.

During the campaign, the informer got the information that three boys are standing in front of Mangala Chowk Baleja, who are looking for customers to sell the desi katta, that on the information, we left for the incident site in front of Mangala Chowk Baleja Saloon with a stop witness. According to the description, three boys were found, who were caught under siege, whose name is 1 Prateek Bajaj father Om Prakash Bajaj age 20 years old. Vinocha Colony Mangala Bilaspur (Bilaspur) 2- Rahul Nayak father Soumyal Nayak age 22 years old. Khudiram Chowk Tarbahar Bilaspur, 3 Shubham Singh Father Savle Singh Age 22 years old. FCI Chowk Tarbahar, a resident of Bilaspur told, out of which accused Pratik Bajaj was keeping a country made pistol with him and Shubham Singh was also keeping a country made pistol with him, hand made and Rahul Nayak with two cartridges. On being told that by seizing the evidence in front of the evidence, this act of the accused was found to have happened under Section 25 Arms Act, duly arrested was done and the crime against the accused was taken up for investigation.

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