Considering allowing people who have taken the vaccine in Mumbai local

Mumbai, . Everyone is troubled in this crisis of Corona. Especially the poor and middle class are moving out of the house despite the ban in search of livelihood. In such a situation, after increasing the crowd of people without permission, the Maharashtra government and the Railways have started strictly. Meanwhile, the railways and the state government are also working on the plan to give relief to Mumbai taxes. Especially those passengers who have taken the vaccine.

According to railway sources, on the lines of the Karnataka government, the state government is also working on a plan to allow people who have taken the vaccine locally. With this, the doors of the local may open in the coming days for people who have taken the vaccine. It is to be known that recently the Karnataka government has allowed passengers coming from Maharashtra to travel by train to those who have received negative reports of RTPCR or vaccine. On this basis, railway officials believe that the state government is planning a universal pass, on the same basis the Maharashtra government, in coordination with the railways, has taken the vaccine. Can be allowed to travel in local.

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