KumKum Bhagya : लीप के बाद बदल गया है पूजा बनर्जी का लुक, 'गली बॉय' के इस किरदार से ली है प्रेरणा

Zee TV show Kumkum Bhagya is known for its interesting story and twists. Fans love the pairing of Abhi and Pragya due to which their love for their cast has not diminished. Actually, Riya, the character of Pooja Banerjee, has been missing since the leap. However, now everyone will get a surprise as Riya is back after a major transformation.

If reports are to be believed, Pooja’s new look and gestures in the show will be reminiscent of Kalki Koechlin’s character from the film ‘Gully Boy’. This actress is very excited about it. He feels that this completely new avatar of his character can set him apart from the rest.

Talking about her role after the leap, Pooja said, “It has been more than a year since I played Riya in Kumkum Bhagya and I loved playing this character. By the way, Riya 2.0, which is seen after the leap, is quite different from all the characters I have played so far. She will be seen in rugged jeans and crop tops with highlighted hair. In fact, his lightheadedness and carefree attitude will take everyone by surprise. This character will be something that no one has ever seen on TV before. This may indeed be what sets me apart from the rest.

Pooja further said- When I was told about Riya 2.0, I immediately associated her with Sky, who was Kalki’s character in Gully Boy. So, before shooting for my first sequence, I re-watched the film and understood Kalki’s modus operandi, so that I can portray this form of my character to the best of my ability. Next, you will see Riya as a quick-witted, crazy and cool person and she will always be on her journey in her own world.

Actually, Riya 2.0 is very different from my personality and this quality makes me more excited to play this role. It will be a challenge, but I hope the audience will accept this new look of my character and love it as much as they have loved Riya so far.

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