Dilip Kumar Net Worth :  ट्रेजेडी किंग दिलीप कुमार थे करोड़ों की संपत्ति के मालिक, कई अवॉर्ड्स किए हैं अपने नाम

Famous actor, well-known actor, actor of the century, no such analogy seems enough for a person who has left this funny world after living a long and fulfilling life of 98 years. Actor Dilip Kumar aka Yusuf Kahani is a story of going beyond his own life, his own personality. Moving forward in life, a person is often setting an example for others, puts the story of others in front of him as a parameter or challenge and weaves aspirations to surpass him, but this did not happen with Dilip Kumar Saheb. The challenge in front of Dilip Kumar was himself, the parameters were also he himself. Every time leaving himself behind, getting ahead of himself.

There have been very few people in history who have been constantly creating new challenges for themselves and setting new examples. Perhaps Al Pacino’s departure from the world, but it can be said that Michael’s competition was with Michael himself. There was no one else around, a person of that stature, of that personality, with which he could be compared.

Dilip Kumar has already narrated his story in his autobiography. Even if there would be something new to know about him, he went with him. We know his story only as much as he told. I have peeped as much within him, as much as he allowed us to see. Everything else was theirs. He went away with them.

Dilip Kumar Death 4

Dilip Kumar’s wife Saira Banu has always been with him. Even when Dilip Kumar’s body was being taken home from the hospital, Saira Banu was present there with him.

Saira Banu
16’s girl 38’s boy and love at first sight

Among all the tales of life, there is also an anecdote of love, whose falls open openly. There is a story that we all know. Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu. Prem was done at the age of 12 and marriage of 55 years. Dilip Kumar had loved even before Saira, had known and lived love, but for Saira, Dilip Kumar was the first and last love. There was a long gap of 22 years between the two. When Dilip Kumar married Saira Banu in 1966, she was just 20 years old. Dileep is 42 years old. Many had fallen in love in life. Had a heart, had a heart broken. But Saira had given heart to Dilip sahib only when she was only 12 years old. Dileep was an established actor of Hindi films. When little Saira saw Dilip Kumar on the screen of cinema for the first time, he had no idea what is happening in his heart. It took some time for the secret to be revealed that Saira had already been arrested in Dilip’s love.

Saira’s mother Naseem Bano was also an actress herself. Saira knew from the beginning that she would work in films, so she started training in Kathak and Bharatanatyam from the age of 13. In those days, it was very important for a heroine to be a dancer to work in films. At the age of 16, she made her first film with Shammi Kapoor – Junglee. The film was a super hit. Now Saira herself had appeared in films and was hoping that soon she would get a chance to work with Dilip Kumar as well. But this did not happen because Dilip Kumar did not sign any film with him. They think that this girl is too young in age. Their pairing on screen will look very mismatched. Saira Banu’s hopes get shattered every time. She was worried about how she could convince Dilip Kumar that she was no longer a child.

Well, Dilip sahib himself soon became convinced of this, which he has mentioned in detail in his autobiography. So something happened that once Dilip Kumar went to his house to meet Naseem Bano. There was also Saira Banu at home. When Dilip Kumar got down from the car, he saw a beautiful girl standing in front of Banarasi Brocade Sari. She didn’t look like a child at all. Her appearance and beauty were at their peak. What they saw, they were stunned. He realized for the first time that he was unnecessarily being ignored till now considering Saira as a child. It looks like a nymph descended from heaven. That was the moment when Dilip also gave his heart to Saira. It was no longer a one sided love. Some poet has also written-

The fun of Ulfat is when both are desperate,
There should be equal fire on both the sides.

That’s all it had happened. A spark that flared up from one side had also set fire to the other side. The love story had begun.

Naseem Bano himself was very impatient about this relationship. She herself went to Dilip Kumar and said, if you love Saira, then express your love to her. Get married. Saira’s first film was Junglee in 1961. After that, he had done nine more films one after the other – Shaadi, Bluffmaster, I Milan Ki Bella, April Fool, Aao Pyaar Karein, Door Ki Awaaz, Saaj Aur Awaaz.

And soon after that in 1966, Saira Banu tied the knot with Dilip Kumar for a lifetime of love. His four superhit films Shagird, Deewana, Aman and Padosan were released the next year after marriage. After marriage, her work in films became very less. But till 1975 she continued to appear in some films.

Saira had no regrets of ending her film career. He had found that thing, which was most valuable in life. Love to Dilip Kumar. The person on whom thousands and thousands of girls of the country used to sigh, whose name they sighed, was now forever and ever that of Saira Banu.

Madhubala 1

Marilyn Monroe aka Madhubala of Bollywood

Standing in the courtroom against the one who was madly in love

The year was 1950. Dilip Kumar and Madhubala were shooting together for the film Tarana. The formal meetings on the sets gradually turned into friendship and friendship love. Madhubala was so engrossed in Dilip Kumar’s love that she did not even wait for the expression of love to be from Dilip Kumar first. One day he sent a rose flower to Dilip Kumar along with a letter. It was written in the letter that if you are in love with me, then accept this gift of my love. Dilip Kumar accepted the gift.
Love went on and flourished. When the two were doing films together, they used to be together, but if Madhubala was busy shooting for some other film, Dilip Kumar used to reach there. This love was no longer a hidden thing. The whole filmistan was aware of this rumor of love. The news used to get published in the media every now and then.

Madhubala’s father Ataullah Khan came to know about this love from one such news published in the newspaper. What was then, he gave strict instructions to Madhubala to stay away from Dilip Kumar. Madhubala wanted to marry Dilip Kumar and Abba was strictly against this marriage. Madhubala’s career had just started. She was earning a lot of wealth and the father was afraid that once the daughter got married, the hen that laid her golden eggs would keep going.
It is not that the father was only against Dilip Kumar’s marriage to Madhubala. He was against marriage to anyone. He did not even want Madhubala to settle down in his house. She was the only earner in the house. The whole family was living a life of luxury on his earnings alone.

The father had given so much permission to Madhubala that she continued to do films with Dilip and kept meeting him on the set, but there was a strict ban on traveling, meeting separately apart from the set.

This is when B.R. Chopra was making the film Naya Daur. In the film, Madhubala was the heroine instead of Vyjayanthimala, but in the middle the film was to be shot in Madhya Pradesh. When Ataullah Khan came to know that Madhubala was going to Madhya Pradesh to shoot with Dilip Kumar, he feared that the love and closeness between the two might increase if they were alone there. He flatly refused to send Madhubala there. BR Chopra tried a lot to somehow convince Ataullah Khan because a good film had been shot about Madhubala. Now shooting the film again with a new heroine meant that the budget of the film would have doubled.

Dilip Kumar (2)

Goodbye tragedy king Dilip Kumar

But Madhubala’s father said as if the streak of stone. He did not budge with his decision. Madhubala had to leave the film.

BR Chopra was so angry with this incident that he filed a case against Madhubala in the court. In the hearing of that case, B.R. Dilip Kumar appeared in court on behalf of Chopra’s company and gave a statement against Madhubala. Although B.R. Chopra later withdrew that case because if Madhubala had lost the case, she would have gone to jail. BR Chopra had sued in anger but he also knew that it was not Madhubala’s fault. Her father was such a strict man and the condition of women was such that even after being self-sufficient and earning her money, she could not even think of revolt against her father.

Well, what Dilip Kumar said in court proved to be the last nail in the coffin of his and Madhubala’s already tumultuous relationship. Both used to love each other even then, but their hearts were broken. Trust was shaken. Once there was a rift in the relationship of love, the relationship could never connect again.

Madhubala remained just a memory in Dilip Kumar’s life. Madhubala married Kishore Kumar in 1960, but this relationship also did not last long. Madhubala died in 1969 at the age of 36 after a prolonged illness.

this is what happens. People leave the world, stories remain behind.


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