5G मामले में जूही चावला की मुसीबत बढ़ी, कोर्ट ने 20 लाख जमा करने के लिए दिया एक हफ्ते का समय

The Delhi High Court on Wednesday granted a week to Bollywood actress Juhi Chawla and two others to deposit the Rs 20 lakh imposed on them for misusing the process of law through a suit challenging 5G wireless network technology. is.

Justice JR Midha said, “The court is appalled by the conduct of the plaintiff.” He said Juhi Chawla and others “were not even ready to ex-gratia the cost”. The judges were hearing three applications by the actress seeking refund of court fees, waiver of cost and “denial” of the word “dismissal” in the judgement.

The court’s response came after Juhi Chawla’s counsel, senior advocate Meet Malhotra, who withdrew the application for waiver of cost, said the cost would be deposited either in a week or ten days, or against Legal remedies will be taken. “On one hand you make a frivolous application and on the other, you withdraw the application and are not ready to pay the cost,” the court said.

Mit Malhotra clarified that the stand was not that the cost would not be paid and the application for its waiver was not even pressed. He said, “This is unexpected… Even today, I have to say that no one has said that we will not do this. I saw what happened (in the judgment). I completely understand.”

The court recorded Malhotra’s statement that he sought one week’s time to deposit the cost and that recourse could be taken to avail legal remedies. Malhotra has also withdrawn the application for refund of court fees.

The court ordered that the third application seeking dismissal of the suit would be placed before Justice Sanjeev Narula after depositing the court fee. Further hearing in this matter will be held on July 12.

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In June, the High Court had dismissed Juhi Chawla and others’ lawsuit against setting up a 5G wireless network in the country and imposed a fine of Rs 20 lakh. The court had filed the plea for “defective”, “abuse of process of law” and “gaining publicity”.

Justice Midha said the suit, which raised questions about health hazards due to 5G technology, is “not maintainable” and “full of unnecessary reprehensible, frivolous and disturbing statements” which deserves to be quashed. are eligible.

The court said that the suit filed by the actress and others was to gain publicity, which was evident as Chawla circulated the video conferencing link of the hearing on her social media account, resulting in repeated interruptions by unidentified miscreants thrice , who continued to interrupt despite repeated warnings.

(Input- PTI)

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