Dilip Kumar passes away: दिलीप कुमार ने BCCI से की सिफारिश, तो बना इस खिलाड़ी का करियर और जीत लिया विश्व कप

Dilip Kumar i.e. a name of the Indian film industry, who not only made the characters memorable with his performance on the silver screen, but also made his place among the great and most respected personalities of the country. Dilip Kumar not only made films, but also gave opportunities to many people in this industry. But you will be surprised to know that this great actor played an important role in making the career of an Indian cricketer. After the recommendation of Dilip Kumar, this cricketer got a place in the Indian team and then he became the world champion. This player is none other than Yashpal Sharma, the former batsman of the Indian cricket team, who was an important member of the 1983 World Cup winning team.

Legendary Indian actor Dilip Kumar i.e. Mohammad Yusuf Khan died in Mumbai on the morning of Wednesday 7 July. Dilip Kumar was ill for some time and was admitted to Hinduja Hospital in Mumbai, where he breathed his last. Many stories related to the film career of Dilip Kumar, who said goodbye to this world at the age of 98, are very famous, but there is also an anecdote which was different from the world of cameras and it was the cricket career of Yashpal Sharma.

Seen in Ranji Trophy, recommendation from BCCI

Yashpal Sharma had revealed during the interview in the TV show that Dilip Kumar had given direction to his career and he was able to reach the Indian team. Describing Dilip Kumar as his favorite actor, Yashpal said that he always used to call the veteran actor Yusuf Bhai. He said, “He is the one who made my life in cricket. The one who took me from Ranji Trophy to BCCI, his name is Yusuf Bhai, whom you know as Dilip Kumar. I am emotionally attached to him because it hurts me when he is sick.”

Yashpal further said, “I see a Ranji Trophy match for the first time. I am close to my second century in the second innings. Seeing this, he talks to BCCI and says that the boy from Punjab has come. You look at him, he has that art and he can play at the international level. After seeing one of my matches, tell the BCCI and from where the way to international level opened for me, Yusuf Bhai became the means of that.

Hero of the 1983 World Cup

Yashpal Sharma, who played Ranji Trophy from Punjab, made his ODI debut for the Indian cricket team in 1978 and again in 1979. In a career spanning about 6 and a half years, Yashpal scored 1606 runs in 37 Test matches, which included 2 centuries. At the same time, 883 runs were scored in 42 ODIs. The biggest occasion of Yashpal’s career came in the 1983 World Cup, which also proved to be the turning point for Indian cricket. Yashpal played some good innings in that World Cup. Scored 89 runs in the very first match against West Indies. Then played an innings of 40 runs against Australia. Then in the semi-final against England, playing the best innings of 61 runs, gave the team victory.


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