Queenpins Trailer : कूपन घोटाला कर 2 महिलाओं ने कमाया इतना पैसा, जिंदगी में आ गया प्राइवेट जेट

The trailer of the film Queenpins, based on the coupon scam in America, was released. In this trailer it is shown how an idea about coupons comes in the mind of two simple working women and how they use the system to their advantage.

The funny thing is that Indian-origin Geeta Pulapili is the co-writer of this film and she is very excited about its success in India because now Indians are also taking international content hand-in-hand. After the advent of OTT platforms, its process has increased so fast that now international content makers are also producing films and shows keeping in mind the preferences of Indians.

Important role of Geeta

Beneath the Harvest Sky was written and directed by the creative duo of Aaron Gaudet and Geeta Pulapilli and now the husband-wife duo are set to bring a unique scandal called ‘Queenpins’ to the big screen. The trailer of Queenpins has been released. Geeta who is of Indian origin is very excited about the response from India.

something like this story

Starring Kristen Bell and Kirby Howell-Baptiste, the upcoming film is about two women who commit a multi-million dollar coupon scam and with these robbed money they break out of their poverty and become rich enough to travel by private jet. does.

Queenpins Writers

Geeta and her husband

Based on true events, in this coupon scam film, Paul Walter Hauser will be seen as a Prevention of damage aooficer who is joined by Vince Vaughn, who will be seen as a US Postal officer, as they form a team. Those who get involved in catching the mastermind queenpins of this scam. Directed by Gaudette and Geeta, the film also stars Joel McHale, Bebe Rexha and Stephen Root.

The writer and director duo says, “We know that India is at a stage where some of the best scams featured on the OTT platform have been lauded for their success. We consider this to be our foray into the Indian entertainment market. Queenpins takes couponing to new heights and we hope this is the kind of story that will connect with the nation. We are extremely excited about the response to the trailer.” Queenpins will be released worldwide in September.

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