This actress of Star Plus's Pandya Store escaped being a victim of online fraud

Pandya Store actress Simran Budharup was about to become a victim of an online scam but luckily a typing error saved her from being completely caught in this trap. In fact, on the morning of July 13, an email was received claiming to have been sent to Simran from Instagram. In this mail, he was asked to remove a post from social media due to copyright issues. Seeing this mail, Simran got flustered and she immediately started replying to him according to the instructions given in the mail, during this time when Simran realized that something was wrong, she immediately deleted the reply.

Talking about this on his social media, Simran said that when I got a copyright match on my post, then as an Instagram user, I thought that I should remove such things from my profile and for that, I wrote to the customer in the mail. Click on Service Number. That number redirected me to my WhatsApp and I messaged them that I had received an e-mail like this. Simran further says, on WhatsApp, she asked Simran to fill a form. When he opened that form and there he had to fill his username and his password.

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Simran will go to the police station

Simran did write her password but by mistake or otherwise it was the wrong password, fortunately for Simran. Seeing the password option, this actress from Pandya Stores felt something wrong and called a concerned person and immediately blocked her WhatsApp account, deleting the password. Simran has thought that she will go to the police station and file a complaint if such messages come forward to her. He says that people need to use their brains for the right things and not to fool people.

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What is this type of online fraud

Many actors and celebrities are falling prey to this type of online fraud. By sending the copyright mail, the actors are mailed through the helpline and on the pretext of forms hack their account by taking their password. Then such a verified account is sold in the black market by changing the name.

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