Net Worth: Kangana Ranaut is one of the top actresses of Bollywood, the owner of crores of assets

The Queen of Bollywood Kangana Ranaut is known for her excellent acting. Millions of people are crazy about his acting. She is known all over the world because of her talent. She is one of the top Bollywood actresses and her fans consider her the rockstar of the industry. Today, Kangana, who rules crores of hearts, has worked very hard to make her place. After struggling for a long time, Kangana has reached this point.

After working hard in her acting, modeling and filmmaking, Kangana now lives a luxury life. Many people take inspiration from his journey. Many people take inspiration from Kangana not to give up. How she did not decide to give up during the struggle and now she has come to this point. Kangana is now the owner of crores of assets. Today we tell you about Kangana’s net worth.

According to the report of, Kangana Ranaut is the owner of property worth about 94 crores. Most of his earnings are due to brand endorsements and acting in films. If reports are to be believed, Kangana earns around Rs 15 crore in a year. She charges 3-3.5 crores for endorsing a brand.

Kangana Ranaut’s house

Kangana lives in Mumbai. Along with this, he has built a mansion by buying property in Manali. The value of this property is around 30 crores. He has built an organic farm, stables and cottages in this mansion because snow falls there.

Kangana had bought a three-storey building in Pali Hills in the year 2017. If reports are to be believed, he bought it for 20 crores. He has made this building his office. Whose name is Manikarnika Films. Kangana has spent about 48 crores in making it.

Kangana bought this Manali bungalow for 10 crores. It has 8 bedrooms. Kangana had invested 20 crores in getting it built. He bought this bungalow in the year 2018.

Kangana has a car collection

Kangana Ranaut bought her first car BMW 7 Series at the age of 21. Apart from this, he also owns a Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class SUV. Kangana had bought this car for the house in Manali. The price of this car ranges from 73.7 lakhs to 1.25 crores.

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