Good News: Amazon Mini TV launches shows about the country's most popular comedy stars, watch exclusive content for free

An exciting battle of lights, cameras and laughs is just about to unfold before you as Amazon’s free video entertainment service MiniTV has announced its exclusive line-up for comic content on its service. These sketches are specially designed for the customers of MiniTV.

India’s Most Loved Content Creators- Ashish Chanclani, Prajakta Koli, AmitBhadana, Dolly Singh, Saloni Gaur and B Unique for their laughs. We are ready to entertain the audience with videos full of explosions. With an aim to serve Amazon’s wide-ranging customer base, MiniTV brings you fun-to-watch video content with snacks that is a perfect match of topics with humour.

As part of this partnership, India’s most loved creators will create everyday life sketches that will be first released exclusively to Amazon customers on MiniTV. While Dolly Singh’s humourous sketches will walk you through the 7 stages of overcoming a break-up, Prajakta Koli will show you how to be perfect in the art of ‘middle class hacks’.

In his unique style, Ashish Chanchlani will take you into the wonderful world of ‘Beauty and Fashion Influencers’, where Amit Bhadana will play the role of a salesman who is torn between an over-enthusiastic boss and an ex-lover. While B Unique will share funny but realistic tales of recovering from a breakup, that too with friends. From spoofs on relationships to a great app that helps with theft, this list is sure to tickle you, as well as make the audience laugh and laugh.

Speaking about the latest addition to the MiniTV library, Vijay Subramaniam, Director & Content Head, Amazon Prime Video and MiniTV said, “At Amazon, our audience is at the heart of our business and we are always looking forward to providing the best of content for their pleasure. Would like to present a bouquet. Along with miniTV’s idea of ​​offering the best of content to Amazon customers, we are also working towards enhancing their shopping experience. We are delighted to have so many great comic minds joining us and we are confident that our customers will enjoy exclusive content on MiniTV.”

Harsh Goel, Director & Amazon Advertising Head, says, “Our partnership with India’s first digital content creators is another step towards offering seamless and great entertainment through This July, India’s most loved comedians come together to entertain Amazon customers with sketches on some very relevant topics. It is certain that there are going to be loud laughs!”

With an aim to cater to the diverse entertainment preferences and needs of today’s internet savvy customers, the content category on MiniTV has been carefully curated. It has been made keeping in mind the wide appeal, which transcends the boundaries of gender and language.

Here is a sneak peek of those sketches to be released on MiniTV:

Bhootmarike Makeup Tutorials – Ashish Chanchlani

In his unique style, Ashish Chanchlani will give a glimpse into the world of beauty and fashion influencers, which is a little different from your typical vlogger.

How to Survive Month-End: A Guide by Saloni Grylls – Saloni Gour

This is for those people who find it very difficult to save money by the end of the month, then survival expert Saloni Grylls is here to guide us. She tells, how can one survive when there is no penny in the pocket or very little money left by the end of the month.

7 Stages Of Getting Over A Breakup By Dolly Singh – Dolly Singh

Dolly takes viewers through the ways we all have faced heartbreaks, taking them down the path that allows us to relate to them. She presents the relationship of today’s era in a very humorous way.

Middle Class Hacks- Prajakta Koli

Being cheap is an art too! In this sketch Mr and Mrs Koli are going to give you a masterclass on cheapness.

Chor Pro App – Saloni Gaur

No one thinks of the poor thieves who fall prey to technology; We have created an app to make their life easier. This is an app that will help them steal in a better way and they won’t even get caught.

If Relationships Were Corporate – Prajakta Koli

This sketch is all about choosing a partner just like the employees in the office!

The Salesman- Amit Bhadana

Amit Bhadana has become a smart salesman in this funny sketch. He is accompanied by an exuberant boss, jealous budgies and ex-lover who never leaves him alone.

Break-up and Friends – Be Unique

Nick is going through a very bad phase of breakup and in such a situation he goes to his friends, who have their own unique ways, philosophies and ideas to deal with it. Which range from being funny to quite surprising.

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