Study showed more than 200 symptoms in patients infected with corona for a long time

London . More than two hundred symptoms have been seen in 10 organ systems of patients suffering from corona for a long time. This information has been given in the results of the largest international study conducted on people who have been infected with corona for a long time. The study was led by scientists from University College London (UCL).

The study has revealed that the symptoms most commonly seen in those suffering from Kovid for a long time include fatigue, problems arising after doing physical and mental labor and mental weakness mainly. Apart from this, vision, itchy skin, changes in menstrual cycle, sexual problems, memory defects, diarrhea and other symptoms have also been seen in corona infected patients.
Dr Athena Acramy, a brain scientist at the Sainsbury Wellcome Center at UCL, said that there has been a lot of public discussion about suffering from Covid for a long time, but there has been little systematic study on such patients. So little is known about these symptoms and their effects over time. The study has been published in the e-Clinical Medicine Research Journal of the Lancet. He said that in this research, we went directly to people who have been suffering from corona for a long time globally so that we can get information about those patients who have been affected by the epidemic for a long time. In the largest study to date, 3,762 people from 56 countries were found to have 203 symptoms in their 10 organ systems, and 66 of these symptoms were observed for seven months.

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