Korba . As soon as the information was received about the death of 2 cattle due to disease in Gokul Nagar Gothan in Korba district, on the instructions of Commissioner Kuldeep Sharma, the corporation officials immediately took a team of doctors to Gothan and got the sick cattle treated. It has improved and they are fine now. The officers and doctors of the corporation are constantly taking care of the cattle, along with the treatment of sick cattle, routine checkup of all the remaining cattle has also been done, they have also been given precautionary injections.

Nodal Officer M.N. The government said that at present there are a total of 50 cattle in Gokulnagar Gothan, out of which 8 cattle are sick, all of them are being properly treated, the doctors are constantly checking their health and giving medicines, now the health of the cattle. Okay. He told that doctors have told that the cause of cattle disease is infection. Doctors have said that there is nothing to worry about, proper treatment is being given to all the unhealthy cattle, they will get healthy soon.

Commissioner Kuldeep Sharma has given strict instructions to the officers of the corporation that they should constantly keep an eye on the cattle in Gothan, if any animal shows any health problem, then immediately take the doctor to Gothan and get it checked and treated. He has given instructions not to take any kind of indifference in the routine checkup of cattle, get regular health check-up done. Keep all other arrangements of Gothan in order, keep adequate arrangements for food, fodder etc.

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