Nora Fatehi's dedication didn't respond, Bhuj : The Pride India's motion poster inflicted a real injury on her face

You can guess how dedicated Nora Fatehi is to her work, from the motion poster of the recently released ‘Bhuj: The Pride Of India’, in which her forehead is seen. Blood seems to be flowing. The injury seen on Nora’s face was not a graphic or fake. The injury on Nora Fatehi’s face seen in this motion poster was real. The blood dripping from Nora’s face made her expression very realistic.

The motion poster of one of the most awaited films of this year ‘Bhuj: The Pride of India’ was released a few days back. In this, the first look of other artists including Nora Fatehi was released. While different looks set the tone for the period drama, Nora Fatehi’s look as Heena Rehman in particular tells a different story, as the actress showed the real injury to her forehead for her character.

The co-star hit the gun in the face

Revealing the injury accident, Nora Fatehi shared, “We were shooting for an action sequence and the director wanted to shoot the scene in a single take with a single camera. My co-actor and I rehearsed the action choreography, in which he held a gun to my face. I threw the gun out of his hands with a jerk. All was well during rehearsal, which was five minutes before the actual take. However, when we started rolling out the actual take, the actor accidentally threw the gun at my face, the end of the metal gun which was really heavy hit my forehead, causing bruising and bleeding. “

Nora was immediately taken to the hospital after the incident, as the injury was causing swelling and bleeding. She almost fainted due to the pain. Incidentally, the injury served as a sequence for the film, where Nora was to be shot in the mirror using VFX, with the same team completing the scene using the actual injury.

Nora herself has done stunts in the film

Revealing another interesting anecdote, Nora Fatehi shared, “After that day, we shot for another action sequence, it was a chase sequence with running, action and brisk walking. During the shoot, I fell badly injuring my fingers, due to which I had to wear a sling throughout the shoot. Overall, it was a physically tough sequence which hurt me a lot as I did all my sequences on my own without any stunt doubles.”

Nora has played a very impressive role in ‘Bhuj: The Pride of India’. For the first time, Nora will be seen on screen in an avatar the actress has never seen before and no one expected to see. Nora has left a mark on her dance and acting globally, which has opened the way for new projects in front of her. Apart from ‘Bhuj: The Pride of India’, Nora Fatehi has several projects in her kitty, which are expected to be announced soon.

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