America said - ignoring human rights will reduce the international legitimacy of the Afghan government

New Delhi. On the ongoing instability in Afghanistan, US State Department spokesman Ned Price said in a press conference that the United States has spent two decades working with the government and people of Afghanistan to maintain the hard-earned achievements. They also include achievements made by Afghan women and Afghan girls. He said that the US has an important role in this and has also given humanitarian and development assistance to Afghanistan. Price said the US embassy is and will continue to be a partner of Afghan civil society on the ground. According to the spokesperson, they know the importance of the achievements made in the last 20 years.
Price said in response to a question, “We are saying that any government that comes to Afghanistan and does not protect those achievements, does not respect human rights and tries to rule with a gun, then it will be a government that will not gain legitimacy on behalf of the Afghan people or on behalf of the international community. A State Department spokesman said the US supports the statements made by Afghanistan and the Taliban that have committed both sides to intensify dialogue toward an inclusive political solution. “We believe that only a solution achieved through dialogue can end 40 years of conflict,” he said. We urge the Taliban to uphold the commitment in the Joint Declaration to protect Afghanistan’s infrastructure, protect civilians, and support humanitarian aid.
Price also praised Qatar’s leadership as well as the role of the United Nations in bringing the two sides together. “We will continue to work not only with the parties whose discussions we are supporting in Doha, but also with Qatar, the United Nations, the wider international community and importantly Afghanistan’s neighbors,” he said. The spokesman said Afghanistan’s neighbors should play a key role in finding a political solution that helps build an Afghanistan that is more stable, more secure and more peaceful.

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