Kalamnath's attack on Modi government, was Pegasus bought for Modi's security?

Bhopal. Former Chief Minister Kamal Nath attacked the Modi government at the Center fiercely over the Pegasus espionage case. Kamal Nath made serious allegations against the Modi government and said that if the Pegasus has not been spied on, then the government should give an affidavit in the Supreme Court.

Let us tell you that Kamal Nath said that more revelations are going to happen in Pegasus case in 15 days. This has been disclosed by the international media. After which France has started investigation. Cellphone companies send codes to governments. Voice recording is done through this. Nath said, 300 phones have been taped in the country. So far 15 names have come up. Pegasus has tapped 55 thousand phones in the world. He speculated that perhaps CM Shivraj’s phone may have been tapped from Pegasus.
Actually Pegasus software is sold in India. One person has one license. The license that the government has bought. India has not bought software alone but has also bought licenses. Companies mean money not by numbers. There is a government committee to buy this license. He has asked the question whether the license was bought for national security or Modi was bought for security?

During this, Kamal Nath expressed the apprehension of Pegasus being used in toppling the Congress government of MP. He also said that Pegasus was used to topple the government in Karnataka. It is likely that it also happened to topple the Madhya Pradesh government.
On this occasion, former CM Kamal Nath also retracted from his words. He said that I never said that I have a list of phone recordings in the Pegasus case. Also Kamal Nath said that Pegasus spy ware came in the market in 2017. During my government in the state, I did not ask anyone for phone tapping.
Ashish Dubey / 21 July 2021

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