Hungama 2 Review: Shilpa Shetty's 'Hungama 2' completely fails in laughing, the film disappoints

Movie Name – Hungama 2

Director – Priyadarshan
Producer – Ratan Jain
Rating – 1/5


The famous film Hungama released in 2003 was a huge hit. Where today the sequel of this film ‘Hungama 2’ has been released. Both these films have been made under the direction of famous director Priyadarshan. But in this new commotion in which we should have seen the ruckus twice, there is no ruckus in it. The film goes on in a very flat way. There is no fun in this commotion, nor is there any merit in the story. The film is completely pale. Let’s know the film more closely.

The story of this film starts with Ashutosh Rana, father of Meezaan Jaffrey, who is very upset with him. Where he is watching his child’s house being demolished. But his son Meezaan is not making any difference in this. The film remains dull from the beginning. Where only big houses are visible. This is the story of big people, who have money but do not have a comfortable life.

‘Hungama 2’ could not compete with ‘Hungama’

In front of Priyadarshan’s first Hungama, his sequel film Hungama 2 is not seen in any collision. The big characters used in the film could have been used better. Shilpa Shetty’s entry takes place 45 minutes after the film starts. Who is the biggest face of this film, to see whom in this film people decided to watch this film. But she too has not been able to show much in this film. His scenes in the film have been kept very limited. Because of which your color gets dissolved. Shilpa had a big comeback plan with this film but now it doesn’t seem to have any significance.

There is no power in the story

No matter who is the star in Priyadarshan’s films, the audience enjoys the films even on the story. But there was no power in the story in this film. We have got a lot of disappointment about this film. Shilpa Shetty, who is playing the character of Anjali in the film, has not been used well in the film. Because of which the audience is going to be very disappointed with this film.

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