Pakistani players did not put on masks properly during the march-past in the Olympic Games

New Delhi. The opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympic Games took place at the National Stadium in Japan. In the ceremony, representatives of different countries did march-past holding the flag of their country. Due to Corona, this is the first time in the history of 125 years of Olympic Games, when it will be without spectators. During the march past, all the players were seen wearing masks. But the flag bearers of Pakistan did not put on the mask properly. People paid attention to it and it is being discussed. Actually, the flag bearers of Pakistan were badminton player Mahur Shahzad and shooter Khaleel Akhtar. During the march-past, Shahzad’s mask was under his chin, while Khaleel’s mask covered his mouth, not his nose. Many players from Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan also participated in the march past without masks. According to the rules of Tokyo 2020, it has been made mandatory for colleagues, athletes, presenters to always wear masks. Due to Corona, many rules have been made in these Olympic Games. This time the medal winners will not be allowed to take group photos, as well as they will have to follow social distancing while taking the medal. Earlier, the Indian contingent also participated in the opening ceremony of the Olympics. The flag bearers of India were the Indian men’s hockey team captain Manpreet Singh and five-time boxing champion Mary Kom.

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