Short film 'Bullet Proof Anand' starring Sanjay Mishra will show Jalwa, made in IFFM 2021

After another stellar start to the year due to the global pandemic, the excitement for the 12th edition of the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne is increasing for all the cine-lovers across the globe. The Virtual Plus physical event will be held in cinemas from 12 to 21 August and online in Australia from 15 to 30 August. As the festival is getting closer day by day, the queue of films to be screened there is getting stronger.

The latest pair in the unbelievable list is Anshuman Jha, Sanjay Mishra and Javed Jaffrey’s short film ‘Bullet Proof Anand’. ‘Bullet Proof Anand’ is a unique tribute to Bruce Lee and Rajesh Khanna’s Anand. The film will premiere in Melbourne at IFFM 2021 as the official selection.

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Sanjay Mishra and Anshuman Jha play the role of two mad North Indian goons who are inspired by Bruce Lee, the film also stars Javed Jaffrey as the dreaded gangster Bulletproof Anand. Directed by Alok Sharma, the short film is a comical tribute to the Bollywood gangster films of the 90s. Anshuman was last seen in ‘Hum Bhi Akele Tum Bhi Akele’ with Zareen Khan earlier this year, which was also a film produced by him.

Speaking on his short film selection at IFFM, Anshuman Jha tells us, “It is a great honor and pleasure to be at the festival of ‘Bullet Proof Anand’, a film that is super special and close to my heart, which premiered This year will be at IFFM. This is also my second collaboration with veteran actor Sanjay Mishra after ‘Angrezi Mein Kehte Hain’ and I am very excited to see the response of the audience at the festival.

On the film’s entry into the festival, Sanjay Mishra says, “The Indian film industry over the past decade has been making some films that are a lot more diverse and different than ever before, and I believe ‘Bullet Proof Anand’ falls into that category. Come, I am absolutely excited to see our film screens at IFFM 2021 as well as other incredible films that have made it to the line-up this year.”

Director Alok Sharma says, “The selection of our short film at IFFM this year has made the entire team very proud. I am very excited to be a part of the festival, especially because of the excellent quality of films and the discussions that take place there, which is a heaven for cine-lovers like me. Can’t wait to see how our film is accepted on such a big platform.”

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