Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah Spoilers: Will Jethalal and Gogi's pair win the boat race?

In Sony Sab TV’s famous serial Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma, the residents of Gokuldham are enjoying the resort to the fullest. Let us tell you that the upcoming episode of Taarak Mehta is going to be full of adventure, fun and humor for the audience. In fact, the residents of Gokuldham have organized a boat race on the lake present in the resort and everyone from Champaklal i.e. Grandfather to Tappu Sena has participated in this race. Everyone has joined the race with full preparation by making their own pairs.

In the coming episodes we will see Dr. Hathi and Komal start the race by giving green signal to all the participants. As soon as the race starts, all the Gokuldham residents move forward with enthusiasm. Sodhi and Popatlal have made their pair with each other in this race. But Sodhi is so excited in this race that he is not giving Popatlal a chance to pedal. At the same time, the pair of Tappu and Champaklal i.e. grandfather-grandson is also very excited about this race and this pair is also giving tough competition to everyone.

Goli made a pair with Jethalal

On the other hand Bhide and Madhavi are tired as soon as the race starts and Bhide has handed over his command to Madhavi. Apart from these, Sonu and Gogi are also trying hard to win the race but when it comes to Iyer and Pinku, both of them are enjoying the boat race in their own tune. Along with all these, Bagha and Abdul have also joined the boat race. But Jethalal is badly stuck in this race.

which pair will win the race

Jethalal’s partner in the boat race is Goli. Jethalal is trying hard to win the race, but during this, Goli gets hungry and he requests Jethalal for a break in the middle of the race. Jethalal gets upset after hearing this about the bullet. But in all these Gokuldham residents, Jethalal’s friend Tarak is seen driving a boat with Anjali very well. Now it will be very interesting to see which pair will win in this boat race.

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