Youth entered the field to fight a big fight against land mafia

Bilaspur. Uttar Mandal Yuva Morcha President Maharishi Bajpai said that now all the youth of Bilaspur have entered the field to save this ground and fight a big fight against the land mafia. Right now, the state government and the district administration are being woken up by dharna in general and the district administration, even after this, even if the square college grounds are sold. So all the youth of Bilaspur will rise above party politics and make a strong movement against the administration.

In today’s dharna, mainly former councilor and student union president Shailendra Yadav, former student union president Raja Dubey, North Division general secretary Vishwajit Tamrakar, vice president Deepak Yadav, treasurer Abhishek Tiwari, media in-charge Sanskar Soni, social media in-charge Ashok A large number of Yuva Morcha North Mandal and college students were present, including Rajput, government self-study in-charge, Shaurya Saraf, Siddharth Srivas.

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