5G मामले में जूही चावला की मुसीबत बढ़ी, कोर्ट ने 20 लाख जमा करने के लिए दिया एक हफ्ते का समय

The Delhi High Court on Thursday will hear actress Juhi Chawla’s plea seeking modification of its earlier order on her plea against the implementation of 5G network in the country. The court had dismissed his case last month and imposed a fine of Rs 20 lakh.

Juhi Chawla wants the word ‘reject’ to be changed to ‘reject’. His lawyer has argued in his argument that the plaintiff, which “never reached the stage of trial”, can only be dismissed or returned in terms of the Code of Civil Procedure. He had moved the Delhi High Court on May 31 against the installation of 5G network in the country and raised issues related to the effects of radiation on people, animals and flora and fauna.

The original order was passed by Justice JR Midha, who retired in June. The matter was listed before Justice Sanjeev Narula who directed the matter to be placed before the roster bench and posted the matter for July 29.

This was said in Juhi’s petition

Expressing concern over its impact on animals and children, the actress had moved the High Court in May challenging the installation of 5G networks in the country. Chawla claimed in his petition that once 5G is implemented, no one will be able to escape exposure. But the court dismissed the petition saying that it was filed for publicity. The court said the actress had circulated the link of the hearing on social media, causing disruption thrice.

The High Court had asked many questions to Chawla’s lawyer Deepak Khosla. It asked whether the plaintiff had approached the government through any representation before appearing in the court.

What is Juhi’s opinion about 5G technology

In this case, Juhi Chawla, who was in South Africa, also attended the court proceedings through video conferencing. After the petition was rejected, Chawla posted a video on her Twitter account in which the actress said that she is not against 5G technology and only wants a certificate from the government that it is safe.

The Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) also said that 5G is safe in India, claiming that the radiation allowed in the country is one-tenth of the globally accepted radiation.

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