Love Story: Deepika and Ibrahim came together after breaking the wall of religion, the love story of both is very inspiring

Whenever it comes to true love, the names of Dipika Kakar and Shoaib Ibrahim definitely come up. Both are one of the perfect couples in the TV industry. Both have proved what a perfect relationship is like. Both have faced a lot of difficulties to get their love. However, Shoaib and Deepika have won their love by overcoming every problem.

Let us tell you about the love story of Dipika Kakar and Shoaib Ibrahim. Dipika and Shoaib met during the show Sasural Simar Ka. At that time Deepika was already married and problems were going on in her marriage. Deepika got divorced in the year 2015. After the divorce, Deepika and Shoaib came closer to each other. But both of them realized the love when Shoaib left the show.

relationship was hidden from everyone

The news of their love started flying, but both of them kept silence in this matter. Both dated each other for 3 years and then finally made their relationship official. Both told about their relationship through interview.

faced the society together

The path of love of both was not so easy. Many people raised questions on Deepika. If someone told this relationship the reason for the breakdown of Deepika’s first marriage, then someone raised questions about the different religion of both. Although both of them faced everyone together and never allowed these things to come in their relationship.

decided to stay together forever

After being in a relationship for many years, both of them again married in the year 2018 in Bhopal among family and close friends. Both married in the same house where Shoaib’s father and mother were married. After marriage, both of them gave a grand reception in Mumbai.

film romance

Both have a romantic love story. From nok-jhok to endless love, both are perfect examples of a happy and peaceful marriage. Even after marriage, both of them go on romantic dates to spend time with each other. Apart from this, they keep giving surprises to each other. This maintains the romance in the marriage of both.

support each other

Both always support each other. Both have stood by each other in every happiness and sorrow. Not only personally but also professionally both of them fully support each other.

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