It is the misfortune of the country that most of the corruption is done by the very rich people, officials and leaders.

Palampur. Former Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Shanta Kumar has said that when the police reached his house for investigation regarding Raj Kundra, his wife Shilpa Shetty told her husband in front of everyone that we have everything. Then what was the need to do all this? The family name got spoiled. Many projects went out of my hands. He said that if Shilpa Shetty really had no idea about the exploits of her husband, then her grief expressed in these words is the voice of an Indian woman. Indian woman is basically the epitome of love and honesty. If he had known everything, then perhaps the uncle would have come.

Shanta Kumar said that it is the misfortune of the country that most of the corruption is done by the very rich people only by the officers and leaders. The poor bears everything, but is afraid of both God and the government, the so-called elders are neither afraid of God nor are they afraid of the government. Corruption has taken a terrible form in the country. Very few people are caught and very few people are punished among them. He said that how important is the word of Shilpa Shetty that we have everything, then why did all this. Even the most corrupt people in the country have everything. Now not the greed of money, the madness of money is riding on some people.

Shanta Kumar said that I have been MLA and MP for about 33 years. I get so many facilities and salary that today I am complete in all respects. The pension is so much that I feel too much. I tell the truth, in a country where 19 crore people are forced to sleep hungry at night, the leaders and officials of that country should not get such facilities, salary and pension. That’s why I invest a lot of money in poor and social service.

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