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Health check-up of more than 35 thousand animals of more than 3 thousand 400 cattle owners

So far more than 30 thousand farmers have been benefited under Samadhan Project

Under the programs conducted by Hindustan Zinc for the upliftment of the surrounding communities, more than 3 thousand 400 cattle farmers were benefitted from the animal health camps organized in the last one month. Through Samadhan Project, the main objective of this program is to improve the income of farmers and livestock farmers for sustainable agriculture based livelihood. In the camps, the health of more than 35 thousand animals was examined and consulted and medical was done.

Hindustan Zinc farmers are being provided technical training and information to increase their livelihood. The camps were provided with anthelmintic, vaccination, artificial insemination (AI) services to the animals as well as treatment of diseases related to the monsoon season.

Regarding this initiative of Hindustan Zinc, Dr. Netrapal Singh, Joint Director, Department of Animal Husbandry, Chittorgarh, while appreciating the efforts of Hindustan Zinc in the field of livestock development, said that “Through these animal health camps, the importance of livestock development and animal welfare is given. Hindustan Zinc has reached out to every person in the community for awareness. Through this initiative, he has also worked on artificial insemination for breed improvement in animals.

Community development by Hindustan Zinc’s Samadhan project involves not only the health and well-being of local communities, but also their farms and livestock as their means of livelihood. Through Samadhan project, inputs from domain experts as well as best scientific techniques are combined to enhance the productivity of existing agro-based resources owned by 30,000 farmers and livestock farmers. Animal health camps ensure preventive and curative health along with enhancement of milk production capacity and breed improvement of cattle. The company aims to make the country better and to achieve that goal, Hindustan Zinc wants to strengthen its country with all possible resources and expertise.

Samadhan Project is not only providing animal health camps and regular awareness and information to the farmers but also provides training and field exposure to advanced agriculture and animal husbandry techniques. Under the project, veterinarians always provide information on fresh and high nutritional diet for cattle by providing services.

Hindustan Zinc is operating Samadhan project based on 5 districts Ajmer, Chittorgarh, Bhilwara, Udaipur and Rajsamand with the objective of enhancing the income-generating potential of the farming community. This project is being implemented by the sister organization BAIF for more than 4 years. So far, through information and training of new technology, about 14 thousand farmers and more than 15 thousand 14,517 animal husbandry farmers have been benefited with advice for better animal breeding and animal husbandry. The solution has been able to develop 263 acres of land with fruit trees, improving the ecological balance and economic security of the community. Through the Integrated Livestock Development Centers, 1.5 times more milk production has been made possible by breeding more than 5 thousand calves. More than 1 lakh animals have been benefitted through animal health camps.

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