Birthday Special: When Manish Paul did not have money to pay the rent of the house, then the wife played along at every step

His fans are always excited to see Manish Paul on TV. Whenever Maniesh Paul appears on screen, he has a devilish laugh on his face, which makes others tickle. Maniesh Paul has always made people laugh a lot with his funny jokes and comic timing. But very few people know that behind this laugh of Maniesh Paul, many of his pains are also hidden, which he had faced at one time.

Today is Manish Paul’s birthday. On the occasion of his birthday, we will talk about his struggling days, when he did not even have money to pay the rent of the house. Then how did he manage everything and which special person helped him in his days of struggle. Whatever Maniesh Paul is today, he gives credit to his wife Sanyukta. The special person who supported Manish during his struggling days was none other than Sanyukta.

When Manish became unemployed, wife Sanyukta took up the responsibility

Some time ago, Manish remembered his days of struggle. Manisha had revealed that she had no work in 2008. At that time Sanyukta walked with him step by step and he took full responsibility. Manish had said in an interview to Bombay of Humans – In 2008, I was unemployed for a year. I did not even have money to pay the rent of the house, but Sanyukta took care of everything. She used to say, ‘Be patient, you will get a good opportunity soon.’ And a year later, it happened.

Manish further explains- I got a TV serial. Things started moving. I did reality shows and award nights. We had a daughter in 2011 and a son in 2016. Now I am at a place where I can take out time for Sanyukta and my kids and it is a rule that I do not talk about work at the dinner table. Let us tell you that in the year 2007, Manish married Sanyukta. Sanyukta was Manish’s childhood friend. Hardly anyone understands her as much as she understood Manish. Manish himself had said this thing.

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