Cocaine Cowboys Review: The Story of the 2 Billionaires Who Control Miami

Documentary – Cocaine Cowboy: The King of Miami
Director – Billy Corben
Rating – 4/5

After Narcos and Breaking Bad, Netflix has now started the process of a new documentary. Where during this series, Netflix is ​​presenting the story of big drug smugglers to the world. Where today we are going to talk about the new documentary “Cocaine Cowboys: The King of Miami”. The director of this documentary is Billy Corban. Where he has shown very closely the drug trafficking in Miami in the 80s in this new documentary. In this documentary, he has told how this drug market had become so big that the whole of Miami could be destroyed.

There are two big characters in the story of this documentary, their name is Willie Falcon and Sal Maggluta, both of them together started this big work of drugs in Miami. Where these two together used to bring 75 tons of cocaine inside Miami. Together, the pair had completely dominated Miami. The whole of Miami used to run on his money. Was the judge, journalist, police, politician their closest friendship? With whose help his business was fully flourishing. To escape the clutches of the police, these two friends were adept at changing their identities. As soon as something happened, both of them used to get their new papers made and then used to run away. But in 1991, the pot of sin of both of them was filled and the police caught both of them.

Watch the trailer for (Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami)

By the time the pair was arrested by the police, cases ranging from murder to many different crimes had been registered against them. The story of this entire documentary is shown in a very different way. The director of this documentary has made documentaries and films on this subject in the past as well. Because of which his style was very special. As far as I believe, this documentary is going to be liked a lot by the audience because along with the story, the editing of this documentary has also been done in a very spectacular way which will force people to watch.

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