People told Vivek Oberoi not to work on OTT, this is the opinion of the actor about Inside Edge

The style of Bollywood’s famous actor Vivek Oberoi is different in the whole of Bollywood. While everyone is now taking his entry in the world of web series, Vivek Oberoi made his debut in web series long before Inside Edge. The show was given a lot of love by the audience. After which the show was also nominated internationally for an Emmy Award. Where this show was the first show in India to be nominated for an Emmy Award.

Where now Vivek Oberoi has once again said many things about this series, “I was advised by many people that when I was offered this series, I should not take Inside Edge. People told me that no one in the country would like to spend money to watch content on the phone. But I had faith in the content and I knew the potential of an OTT platform. In 4 years now you can see that people are subscribing to different OTT platforms, not just one.”

Viewers moved towards OTT platforms as all theaters were closed due to the pandemic. Vivek further says that “During this lockdown, I got offers for many web shows, and I have already said yes to some of them. Had there not been a lockdown, it would have taken 10 more years for the OTT platform to reach the kind of love that has been received by the masses,”

Let us tell you, the actor will be seen playing the character of Vikrant Dhawan once again in Inside Edge 3 very soon. Because of which he is very excited. What the actor has said about the OTT platforms is absolutely true that if it was not for the lockdown, then OTT would have taken another 10 years to reach this level. But they say that it is not too late to change the time. The same thing has happened with OTT as well. Let us tell you, Vivek has been a part of many small and big films. Along with this, the actor has been seen in many big films of South also. Where he is going to be seen in many South films very soon, whose shooting is going on right now.

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