Shimla. The Congress has accused the Jai Ram Thakur BJP-led government of Himachal Pradesh of doing politics regarding Karona vaccination. Congress spokesperson Deepak Sharma said that the vaccination figures are contradictory. The government figures do not match with the population of the state based on the 2011 census. The government’s statement that all the citizens of the state have been vaccinated. Completely beyond reality. Deepak Sharma imposed on the BJP government today. He said that on what basis the government has collected the data for vaccination. This should be clarified. In this regard, the government should clarify the situation by issuing a white paper. The Congress spokesperson said that there are many such people in the state who have not taken the vaccine.

According to the government figures, the population which is being shown district bar does not match with the census figures. He said that many people live outside the state, but according to the government data, all the citizens of the state have been vaccinated by the government. This is beyond reality.

Deepak Sharma said that the government is trying to take political advantage only by presenting false figures. Instead of dealing with Karona, the government is busy patting its own back. The Congress leader said that till the government does not release the white paper, there will be a situation of doubt and contradiction. The Congress spokesperson said that the government is not serious about the corona infection. The situation is not good in Hamirpur, Kangra, Solan districts of the state. In view of the way the cases of Karona epidemic have started increasing, the government needs to take special steps. But the government is only engaged in political gains and vote bank politics. He said that just as the people of the state had to bear the brunt of the government’s negligence in the second wave of the Karona epidemic, in the same way, even now, if the Karona explosion took place, then the negligence of the government would be responsible for that.

Deepak Sharma said that the game being played in the name of vaccination is far from the actual situation of the state. He said that the government is using the disaster of Corona as an opportunity to profit, for which the Congress party strongly criticizes the government. He said that it is a matter of regret that the suggestions and warnings given by the Congress party to the government being an opposition party, the government ignored them as criticism. Whereas if the government had acted on the suggestions and warnings given by the Congress, then the state would have benefited and the public would not have suffered such loss of life and property in this crisis.

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