Shubh Samvat 2078, Shake 1943, Soumya Goshth, Bhadrapada Shukla Paksha, Rainy season, Guru Uday Purve Shukrodaya West, Tithi Navami, Budhavasare, Original name Nakshatra, Aa/Sa Karne, Kaulava Karne, Moon of Sagittarius, 7/54 of the original ending day Jatkarma, naming, new food, medicine intake, business diseases, bathing in the east direction will be auspicious.
The fruit of a child born today……..
A child born today will be worthy, intelligent, agile, clever, playful, self-respecting, good-natured, rich-mannered, skilled speaker-advocate, ruler-administrator, wealthy.
Aries – There will be benefit from favored friends, enjoyment and opulence will be achieved, stalled work will be done.
&Taurus Horoscope – Stress from loved ones, every work will be hindered, do beneficial work carefully, pay attention to the work.
^Gemini – There will be happiness of money gain, expected success, there will definitely be an improvement in the speed of work.
Cancer Horoscope – Action plan will be fruitful, daily success tasks will be possible, avoid stress.
Leo – There will be happiness from favored friends, morale will be encouraging, work speed will improve.
Virgo – There will be happiness with the expected success, there will be improvement in daily business, will remain worry free.
Libra – Financial plans will be fruitful, think work will be completed on time, avoid anyone’s deception.
Scorpio – You will have to wander in the work of others, saving time will benefit you, take care of time.
Sagittarius – Daily work speed will improve, planning will be fruitful, must take care of the work.
Capricorn – There will be satisfaction by getting someone’s work done, anxiety will be removed, professional ability will improve.
Aquarius – Female body will be suffering, mental restlessness, disturbance and learning will become a hindrance, work will become a hindrance.
Pisces – The star of luck will support you, bad things will definitely happen, you will get the support of friends.

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