New Delhi. As was being feared in the political corridors, after months of turmoil in Punjab politics, finally CM Captain Amarinder Singh resigned from the post of Chief Minister on Saturday. The Captain reached the Raj Bhavan at around 4.30 pm and submitted his resignation to the Governor there. He said that I think the high command has doubts that I am not able to run the power of the state, that is why meetings of MLAs are called again and again.

Captain Amarinder Singh said that if you called a meeting of the legislature party thrice in two months, then I felt that I would not be able to run the government, that is why this vetting is being called again and again. He said that the road to future politics is open. I will talk to the people who are associated with me, I will consult them, after that I will tell you after the way forward. Right now I am in Congress and I have resigned from the post of CM while in Congress. He said that this morning itself I had thought that I would resign and I had also told the interim president of the party, Sonia Gandhi, that I would resign. He said that the party did not trust me, now Sonia Gandhi should make whomever she wants as the CM. The captain said that I was feeling humiliated. Legislature party meeting is called in front of me without informing me, it is an insult to a CM.

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