Lily Collins takes on double duty with Emily's actor and producer in Paris

Lily Collins will also be the producer of the film ‘Emily in Paris’ (Photo credit: Instagram / lilyjcollins)

Lily Collins will also be the producer of the film ‘Emily in Paris’ (Photo credit: Instagram / lilyjcollins)

Emily in Paris star Lily Collins, who is waiting for the show’s second season premiere, says the Netflix series has given her an “incredible opportunity” to use her voice in multiple ways.

In the series, the English-American actor plays Emily, an American marketing executive who moves to France for a job and works as a producer.

The first season heroine pursues trying to find her feet in a foreign city while bustling with her career, new friendships and love life.

The upcoming chapter will see Emily delve deeper into French culture, Collins said.

” She speaks more languages, and she goes to French class. She takes style tips from the chic French vibe of her colleagues and friends she meets, and explores different fabrics of the city and places with new people she meets, ” the 32-year-old actor told PTI in an interview.

They also praised the show’s team created by Darren Star for adopting different ideas.

” It’s always fun to wear different hats within a production, because as an actor, you want to use your voice and be part of collaborative conversations in different ways that you do not think you can do.

” But what’s amazing about this set is that, although I’m technically a producer, everyone’s collaborating. In the sense that our voices matter, whether in fashion or in dialogue, we want all the creatives on this team to collaborate with everyone on the set … it’s an incredible opportunity. Go ahead with the evolution of Emily’s character: from ‘a fish out of water’ to a woman who embodies French culture, something the producers have always wanted to explore, Series Lead added.

” This season we’re able to explore more about France, the language and the subtitles and what the French characters speak in their mother tongue. The fabric of the city is made by locations and people, ” she said.

In addition to showing fabric in various locations in Paris, Collins said the comedy-drama series focuses on casting new and different characters.

“… obviously the diversity in front of the camera and behind the camera is very significant and has always been there,” she added.

Ashley Park, who plays Mindy Chen, a nanny in Paris and Emily’s first friend, said her character is also seeing huge growth in the second phase of the show.

“In Mindy, we can see her dangers and her own insecurities. As you know, she acts as a guide for Emily in season one. ” We really see her relying on Emily this season. We see some of her flaws, and she’s trying to figure out what femininity means to her, ” added American actor Park, who is of Korean descent.

The second season of the 10-episode series, filmed in locations across Paris and France, is scheduled to premiere on Netflix from December 22nd.


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