The Matrix Resurrections: Amid the sci-fi scandal, this movie has a lot to prove.

Keenu Reeves in a still from the trailer for The Matrix Resurrections.

Keenu Reeves in a still from the trailer for The Matrix Resurrections.

The release of The Matrix Resurrection, one of the most anticipated films of the last few years, is just a few days away. With Keane Reeves and Carrie-Ann Moss returning as Neo and Trinity, respectively, and Lana Wachowski returning to directing (this will be her first project without her sister Lily), expectations are high not only from fans, but everywhere. Who can blame them? More than two decades after the release of The Matrix (1999), this is a time when franchises are dominating: projects that are not linked to existing IPs (intellectual property) do not receive large sums from studios – marketing budgets and coordinated publicity. , Red carpet events, all of which precede IP. Basically, you’re as good as your last sequel returns. So, here are the things I hope to get in the matrix resurrection:

Depends on VFX

Along with the works of James Cameron and Michael Bay, The Matrix was a film that revolutionized the VFX era in Hollywood, and convinced producers that the flow of real money into digital effects would pay off at the box office. Here’s the thing: in 1999, the Matrix was far ahead of the competition in terms of action and visual effects, making it one of its biggest selling points.

Today that is unlikely to be the case (no offense to The Matrix Resurrection crew, I’m sure it did a great job), as audiences are now routinely chasing Shang-chi 60-foot-tall dragons or destroying Captain Marvel. A spaceship empty-handed. Therefore, the storytelling of The Matrix Resurrections should be of a higher standard than the one told, The Matrix Reloaded, which included the best VFX and fight choreography in the original trilogy, but perhaps the weakest script.

Free will and the Internet

Aside from the commercial landmarks, The Matrix was a good time as a precautionary story about choice and free will (which has been a recurring theme in Wachowski’s filmmaking ever since), and at one point the Internet began to sink into that particular water. . Now, of course, we live in a time when Facebook is being formally accused of knowingly rigging American elections. The Resurrection has a bigger mission than its predecessors, because it is difficult for fiction writers (and two prominent contemporary novelists, David Mitchell and Alexander Hemon) to adapt to the absurd realities of 2021.

Philosophical and literary aspirations

Although the philosopher Jean Baudrillard (and the Wachowski sisters later said that the reference to the “real desert” from the Matrix was misused), there is no doubt about the level of philosophical ambition of the original film. Not to mention the Matrix trilogy of religious texts from Hinduism, Buddhism, and Christianity, as well as landmark works on Nihilism, existentialism, and epistemology.

There were also plenty of literary references: Alice in Wonderland was one of the starting points (“Follow the white rabbit”) but it was actually a variety of references: from modern influences like Zhuangzi to contemporary cyberpunk writers like William Gibson. The Mango Ghost in the Shell – Vachovsky did not leave a stone unturned to turn the Matrix into a treasure trove of pop culture and literary narrow-mindedness. Resurrections are also expected to refer to some 21st century literature.

Gender issue

The Wachowski sisters were not out as trans women at the time of the original trilogy. Meanwhile, the world’s rabbit-minded MRAs (men’s rights activists) are a kind of Tottenham, their reaction to “The Red Pill” (perhaps a reference to the most famous matrix scene of all time: Morpheus stretches out a red pill and a blue pill and asks for him). A rally point of the anti-feminist movement.

Of course, once Wachowski came out, the red pill / blue pill moment was reconstructed as a choice between leading your life under your true identity or ‘passing on’ as the community-recognized identity you were born into, Lily Wachowski said. He said he liked the new interpretation and that it shows that works of art are never static.

At a time when powerful billionaire celebrities like JK Rowling have revealed their naked anti-trans agenda, it will be interesting to see what the Matrix Resurrection has to say about identity and gender, the concept of ‘own’ in society and exile to the margins. .

The ass kicks

Inspired by the films of Bruce Lee and Jet Lee (Keenu even mimics the classic Bruce Lee mannerisms during the fight with Morpheus, speeding his nose with his finger), the fight had to die by hand in the original trilogy. Jessica Fenwick performed well on Netflix’s average martial arts drama Iron Fist, along with some new action movie stars to help them.


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