With love in the Amazon Prime video: Four love stories, five holidays, one family

With Love, S1 is made up of five episodes. (Photo credit: Twitter withloveonprime)

With Love, S1 is made up of five episodes. (Photo credit: Twitter withloveonprime)

With love | Author: Gloria Calderon Kellet.

Cast: Emerald Tobia, Mark Indelicato, Constance Mary, Vincent Rodriguez III, Isis King

Episodes: 5 | Rating: 3/5

December is a time of celebration. It is a time of celebration of festivals, friendships, family and love. This is the time of year that is marked on the calendar with the latest releases of Holiday ROM coms declining almost every second day. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. Amazon’s latest series With Love brings it exactly, and revolves around a multi-ethnic Latinx family and the challenges they face in their love life without leaving each other.

It spans over five episodes dedicated to a holiday – be it Christmas or the Fourth of July, or the Noce Buena Festival – where the Diaz family celebrates together as they deal with the struggles of their love life. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however;

If there are initial sparks that fly, there is also the frustration that comes later. If there is a love marriage that lasts for decades, literally aging together, and still retains the spontaneity, then there is the separation, the loss of its charm, and the opening of the doors of betrayal. In taking us through the many levels of love, the show stands apart in the way it expresses this beautiful but complex feeling that human beings experience, regardless of who they choose to share it with. It’s easily achieved by representing different generations and the LGBTQ community – whether it’s romance between gay and bisexual couples, or trans and queer characters of different ages navigating their desires and aspirations in life, everything is in love. .

Contrary to how well the shows start, but with a few episodes the pace slows down and With Love plays the reverse card. It builds up slowly, but maintains a steady pace that captivates you as you watch the bitter stories unfold. The show is full of love, it covers all aspects of it. Within a family there is romantic love, platonic love, unconditional love and affection. In fact, the Diaz family is very solid together and they are interdependent. But it’s not every day that you meet a family, and it’s very open, generous and comforting to its members and will do anything to support each other, be it siblings, cousins, or even parents. Grandfather and grandmother. They are always kind of rooted in each other.

Lily (Emerald Taubia) and George (Mark Indelicato) share a perfect relationship with their parents, George Sr. and Mary (Benito Martinez and Constance Mary), which lasted over time. However, this is where the show comes into play. Each relationship has its own drawbacks, where parents try to draw a picture that is appropriate for their children. However, the spark of her parents had been flowing for a long time, and it was Mary’s temperament that made her enjoy the attention and interest she received from a man outside of marriage, an act that would lead to great problems for the couple. Again, balancing love, like the series, takes us through both – guilt and forgiveness – and in doing so, we see couples trying their best to protect what is left. They resort to counseling, but technically live as strangers even when married. However, the bitter journey to rediscover that love while reaffirming their broken marriage is one of the purest things on the show.

The other must have been one shared by George and his bisexual partner Henry (Vincent Rodriguez III). By the time they meet us, they are already in a permanent relationship. Theirs is the epitome of something based on faith, understanding and the most decisive compromises. I would say, after David and Patrick of Shit Creek, with Loves George and Henry are the next couple goals. Henry is George’s David Patrick. What makes this couple’s story even sweeter to watch is how Henry knows that he’s dating not only George, but his entire family, and how easily he gets along with them.

Meanwhile, for George’s sister Lily, love is hard and painful. When it finally came, it was her opposite pole. She meets Santiago (Rome Flynn), and after two brief encounters, the two finally meet again, but the third time is not so impressive here. If Lily is a frustrated lover, Santiago is a strange person who does not believe in true love or the concept of marriage. But when you see this show trying to keep the balance in love, it tries to do it based on the dynamics between the couple. Opposition may attract, but can they hold on to each other? This is a thought that comes as a surprise whenever disagreements between couples dominate their relationship.

Soul (Isis King) and Miles (Todd Grinell), who share a love affair that began with a series of hilarious phrases between two colleagues, add to the sweet joy that the series promises, but grow into something real that can withstand anything.

While the producers try to touch on self-love and self-growth through Lily’s subplot, it doesn’t deliver it with the same enthusiasm it does on the other side. But in short, Shaw knows that love is not always easy, juicy or happy. This is a difficult and challenging job. But above all, it is always around us, even in the form of a strong support system of family or friends. It makes you believe that love is all perfect and that everything can work if you really need to. Maybe the producers believed so much in the show, so it works just as well as the sweet light hearted romantic comedy where you can have hot chocolate this holiday season.

With Love is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Watch the trailer here:


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