Purab Kohli hopes to get better roles in international films after the Matrix recurrence

After ‘Matrix Resurrections’ I hope to play big roles in international movies: Purab Kohli (Photo: Instagram / purab_kohli)

After ‘Matrix Resurrections’ I hope to play big roles in international movies: Purab Kohli (Photo: Instagram / purab_kohli)

Purab Kohli hopes that his role as a game developer in Matrix Resurrections will open the door to more international offers and that people in the West will pay attention to him as an actor.

Kohli, who previously worked with director Lana Wachowski on Sense 8 in 2014, said he was happy to be selected for the fourth chapter of The Matrix.

“It’s a big movie, you’re a part of it, obviously a remarkable part. I think it’s kind of impressive. Fingers crossed, people look at me casting in big parts, I believe I can carry myself as an actor. In big parts of big movies like this,” said Collie, who moved to London with a zoom. Told PTI in an interview.

“The world is changing so much globally, especially when you have a lot of opportunities to see things in the entertainment industry, so movies are passing by. So, I think it’s a good time to set up where I am. Check out the latest additions to the cast, including Jonas, Jessica Henwick, Christina Richie, Neil Patrick Harris and Jonathan Groff.

My Brother … 42 year old actor who became famous through movies like Nikhil, I Am and Rock On! In the series, he said he never thought he would be part of the Matrix franchise.

But when you go back to the whole ‘ho ha’ of working with Lana Wachowski, you attach to the genius Lana Wachowski, the way she thinks about film, the way she draws on canvas, and the way she understands the media well. . So, when she hears that the fourth part of ‘The Matrix’ is being made and you are a part of it, she has a curious mind as to what she is going to do now. The actor may appear in a handful of scenes in The. Matrix Resurrections But he remembers reading the entire script and bowling at the makers’ vision.

” I read the whole bound script at once, and it came to me as a hard copy. When I put it down I looked at my wife and said, well, it’s really amazing, she’s going to break the world again, “he said.

When asked how he portrayed the character in the film, Kohli shared that he did not audition for the film because the director knew about his work, Credit Sense8.

“I did not audition for Matrix because I’ve worked with Lana on Sense8, which I auditioned twice and then read before I acted. It was just an honor, “he added.

The actor, who has been praising Keanu Reeves since he was a grown-up, said it was a great moment to work with the Hollywood star.

“It was great to work with him and do a scene next to him. He’s not a big star, he’s very simple, easy, comfortable and really relaxed. Like all other actors, he tries his best. At best, he asks the same questions you ask the director.

“Keenu’s favorite thing is that he’s a real person and has no hesitation in showing it. He’s alone, which makes working with him easier and more comfortable, ”said Kohli.

The actress did not share any scenes with Carrie-Ann Moss, but he did communicate well with her outside the camera.

Kohli also shared that he did not get a chance to meet Chopra Jonas as the two were filming in different countries at the time.

In addition to Reeves and Ann Moss, Kohli has been excited to reunite with his team from Sense 8.

“There are a lot of people in the scene where I am, I already knew, there were a couple who were actors in Sense8, but there were non-actors and part of the ‘Sense8’ family.

The Matrix is ​​a global family, including those who have worked behind the scenes around the world, coming in front of the camera. In a way, Lana organizes us to live together from time to time. ”Warner Bros. Pictures released The Matrix Recreations in India on December 22 in Tamil, Telugu, English and Hindi.


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